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About Me

Who I Am

Hi! My name is Jonathan. I'm a 28 year old living in North Boston, New England, USA.

I am developing this website so I can:

  1. Practice, fail, learn, and succeed
  2. Land my first developer job
  3. Attract clients for web design

Projects I've Worked On

This website

This time around, I'm more structured in my project management. I'm designing with accessibility and SEO in mind. I'm using a Kanban board, and upload to Github daily. I didn't wireframe on Adobe XD. But I did jot down how I wanted my basic web structure to look before coding anything. I have daily journal entries (and Twitter posts, following #100DaysOfCode). The documentation provides me a clear vision of what I want to do weeks ahead of time.

The last version of my website

I coded jonnovative.biz in a week. I was eager to apply what I learned in a Scrimba tutorial on responsive web design. This was my first attempt at a responsive website from scratch. I didn't get far with this (re: @media queries) before starting an IT job. That's what one of my biggest goals are for this website. That, and implied basic features such as hamburger menu, display/hide toggles ,etc.

A daily caloric intake calculate in Python from 2017

This was my first venture into programming. I didn't understand syntax and semantics. I struggled to use iteration and loops. But I did succeed in connecting if-else logic to print commands. Although I failed to go straight from Python to being a developer, this project taught me a lot. I learned that seeing things helps me understand programming better. Once I finish HTML and CSS on this website, I'll practice all the things that confused me in Python.

I Am Determined

I cooked in the restaurant industry for 8 years. I excelled in sales. I have learned quick in my first full time IT job.

I don't want to code on my free time forever. But I have dedicated the remaining years of my late twenties to teach myself how to code. This journey began with learning about hardware during my time with Lenovo.

When I began selling PCs, I didn't know what a processor was. That was in 2017. Before the end of the fall, I was one of the top sales people nationwide. By the end of my employment there in 2018, I was the leading sales representative in the nation. I accomplished all this while earning my first CompTIA IT certification. I began 2019 as an intern in IT. And since fall of last year, I have continued to grow as a Help Desk Analyst.

Life has been difficult, but it has been doable. I have made great strides to improve my time management. The above accomplishments might not look relevant, but they speak to my resolve. I have not given up on my dream. I have refused to let life lead me astray.

I code a little each day. I am currently focused on accessibility and search engine optimization. After I test my markup, I will make my website responsive.

Once this website looks pretty on any device, I will begin adding features. My first goal will be to learn vanilla JavaScript. Once I know the basics, I will step back a bit. I will learn Bootstrap and React. At that point, I will have a healthy front end tool kit. I would love for you to hire me before then, but rest assured. I am working diligently to meet you in the middle. And each day, that distance becomes shorter for you.